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Is Universal Education Possible in the Digital Age?

By Aditya Viswanathan

The emergence of the online video community gave birth to many trends, e-learning being one of them. You’ve probably at some point in life watched a tutorial on how to tie a tie (I know I alone probably contributed a few thousand views to those tie instructors on YouTube) or how to solve a quadratic equation. While both types of videos are definitely educational, the latter of the two sheds lights on a powerful impact of the video industry on the education sector.

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We’re super psyched to be a vendor partner for Freedom & Fashion! They’re doing some great work to address social issues around the globe, check them out


We’d like to congratulate our 2012 vendor partners. They represent a wide array of fashion dedicated to social justice causes, from bracelets and necklaces to shirts and dresses, to purses and backpacks.

  • A-Thread Apparel
  • Sevenly
  • Della
  • Indigenous Designs
  • Jatalo
  • Radiant Cosmetics
  • The Brave Collection
  • Senhoa

We have a new home!

Hey followers!

We’re psyched to announce that Jatalo has a new home: the Alcatel-Lucent Gravity Centre in Plano, TX!

The Gravity Centre is also home to several other up-and-coming startups in the area. Also on premises is the AT&T Foundry Innovation Center, a hub for exciting technology development and networking events.

Gravity Centre

Here’s a link to find out more:

Thanks for all your support!